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Turning Turns 40

31.05.2024 to 27.07.2024
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National Design & Craft Gallery

The Design and Crafts Council are delighted to present The Irish Woodturners Guild 40th Anniversary exhibition, ‘Turning Turns 40’. This curated exhibition of selected Ash pieces celebrates the work of woodturners from across Ireland whilst highlighting the devastating effects of the Ash Dieback disease on Ireland’s native Ash tree. Caused by the fungal pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, this disease threatens the future of the native Ash tree. First detected in Ireland in 2012, the disease is prevalent throughout the island and across Europe and in the coming 20 years we will inevitably see its extinction.

‘Turning Turns 40’ features a range of sculptural and functional pieces made from a 15cm3 block of Ash. For the purpose of this exhibition, over 360 blocks of Ash were distributed to Irish Woodturners Guild Members across Ireland. Working from this uniform sized material, 40 final pieces were selected by an independent judging panel comprising processional woodturners, Stephen O’Connell (Ireland), Barbara Dill (USA) and Ulf Jasson (Sweden).

Alongside the creative works on display, an archive of material is displayed that illustrates the foundation and key historical moments of the Irish Woodturners Guild. ‘Turning Turns 40’ demonstrates the individual creativity and woodturning expertise of members as well as highlighting the critical issue that affects our native Ash tree; Ash dieback disease.

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