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Meet... Sine Vasquez

Posted 30.04.2024

Síne Vasquez Jewellery is the fine jewellery brand of Irish Goldsmith Síne Vasquez. Inspired by the time-honoured detailing and techniques of traditional masonry, ironmongery and carpentry, Síne creates contemporary pieces that offer each wearer a connection to the skills and stories of the past.

A former physiotherapist, Síne retrained as a goldsmith and now looks to her family heritage of stonemasonry and carpentry to inform her work. Fascinated with how we interact with our dwellings and the stories they could tell us, Síne infuses each piece of investment jewellery she makes with a rich history. Each piece is designed to last many lifetimes, embolden many lives and participate in many stories.

I start the day at my desk with a cup of tea and ease myself in with whatever admin bits need to be done. Then I hit the bench and get making. I generally have a few jobs on the go at one time at different stages of the making process. I work around my kids so tend to work mostly in the mornings and evenings, and sometimes weekends when I can.

Don't see anyone else as your competition. There's a customer for everyone. Just do your own thing and cheer on other makers. It can be a lonely road and you'll benefit so much from the friendship and support of other makers you meet along the way.

Síne Vasquez

Síne Vasquez Jewellery

I love helping people figure out what they want from a bespoke piece. Often people can feel a little intimidated by the commissioning process, or just aren’t exactly sure what they’d like. I know that I’d be exactly the same so I love helping with that and taking away any pressure they might feel about it. It’s such a meaningful purchase, it’s really important that they’re given the time and space to make sure it’s something that feels really in line with who they are and something they can’t wait to wear every day.

Polishing. I much prefer the making process to the final finish.

What other maker in your discipline do you most look up to?


There are so many people in the jewellery and wider making community that have been a support along the way and that I admire. Sé O’Donoghue from Da Capo was my tutor years ago when I first started, and I absolutely would not be here without his encouragement and support. He’s an incredible craftsperson too, his skill and love of the craft are an inspiration.

How do you switch off?

I’m not sure I ever fully switch off from the business but I’m working on it! A walk or a swim are my favourite ways to recharge when I get the chance.

What do you like least about your work?

Polishing. I much prefer the making process to the final finish.
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