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Grants available for uk and international biennales and festivals from the British Council

Closing Date 23.06.2024
Posted 08.05.2024

The British Council Architecture Design and Fashion (ADF) team’s grants for festivals and biennales are designed as grants up to £5000/5,845.75€ to support the showcasing of UK work at an international festival/biennale – or – to showcase international work at a UK-based festival/biennale. The international festival/biennale or international work applies to Ireland as well.

What can the grants be used for?



The grant can be used to support travel costs, production costs, as well as other miscellaneous costs associated with the showcasing of work.

Please note that these grants are not designed for research and development, but to facilitate the implementation of activities, such as collaborations and exchanges, or exhibitions and installations.


Priority will be given to:


Festival and Biennale projects involving designers in the early stages of their career, i.e. within 10 years of practice.

Festival and Biennale Projects that foster collaboration between UK-based and international designers (including Ireland).

Key dates:


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