Exporting – tapping into global markets to grow your business

Explore the world of export, from developing an export plan to targeting global markets.

Accessing internatioanal markets can be the next step in growing your business.  If you’re running an established Irish craft and design business and would like to start exporting there are a number of ways we can help: 

  • Through exhibiting at Showcase – Ireland’s International Creative Expo® (takes place in Dublin in January each year)
  • Through Design Ireland International Events – (several shows that take place in different countries in Spring and Autumn)
  • Financial support to exhibit abroad through the International Fair Fund – (that is available throughout the year to access international markets)

Are you export ready?

Exporting offers huge opportunities to extend your sales potential. However, taking on international markets isn’t for every business and there’s lots to think about before you start.

DCCI recommends in most cases that you have an established business at home before you consider selling abroad. If you are interested in exploring the potential for your business, try this easy to use online assessment to see if you are export ready.

If you are not quite ready but would like to get to that point, we offer a range of mentoring and development supports to our registered client enterprises.

For more information on any of our export programmes, please contact us.

If you are export ready, DCCI recommends exploring the options below to find the support that is right for your business.

Showcase - Ireland's International Creative Expo®

Driven by a direct marketing initiative in partnership with Enterprise Ireland’s network of overseas offices, Showcase (a trade show held annually in Dublin every January) attracts over 1,100 international buyers each year, coming from USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and a host of other countries. The Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) highly recommends this show as the first step on the export ladder for most craft companies that wish to export to shops abroad. www.showcaseireland.com

Design Ireland at International Events

The Design Ireland Programme promotes clients and supports them in accessing markets through a variety of initiatives. One of these initiatives is Design Ireland pavilions at international trade events.  The purpose of this approach is to provide clients with a stepping stone to developing an international market presence.

It provides clients with a platform to access key buyers, while benefiting from the support and market visibility of the Design Ireland brand.  The objective is to establish relationships with international buyers and grow export sales.

Clients who pass selection by an independent panel, are provided with their own branded space within an overall Design Ireland pavilion and a variety of supports to assist them.  To date this has included shows like New York Now, Shoppe Object and MSA Forward in the US and Maison & Object in the EU.

For more information on upcoming Design Ireland pavilions at International trade shows and for details on how to apply click here

International Fair Fund

Another effective support in reaching global markets is the International Fair Fund.  This is ideal for clients who have already had experience in a specific market and are ready to have a stand-alone stand at a specific show, or for clients who wish to exhibit at a show that will not have a Design Ireland group stand.

It provides versatility and independence, while taking some of the risk out of targeting a new market.

The value of the International Fair Fund is that it enables clients to access up to 50% funding for exhibiting at a wide range of physical and virtual shows abroad.  

Call outs take place on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please click here to for information on how to apply or contact Nicola Doran for more information.

Driving Export

A DCCI/LEO partnership programme on export development to ensure export readiness and explore different routes to overseas markets. See our Opportunities section for relevant call-outs.