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Neomateria Workshop

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15.11.2023 to 17.11.2023

As part of Irish Design Week 2023, learn about the capabilities of human hair and biomaterials and their possibilities in different applications in our two special workshops.

The “Neomateria” project promotes innovation, sustainability and creativity through materials, putting the transformative capacity of artists, designers and makers at the centre of the scene.

Delivered by Materfad, Barcelona Materials Center, the Consortium for Trade, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia CCAM (Barcelona) and Creative Futures Academy at NCAD, “Neomateria” includes expert workshops, a panel discussion and an exhibition held over 3 days in Dublin during Irish Design Week.

Throughout the workshops, participants will learn about the capabilities of human hair and biomaterials and their possibilities in different applications. There will also be a panel discussion with insulation, packaging and fashion industry partners including Kingspan and more on material applications.

Specialist Facilitators
Laura Civetti & Zsofia Kollar for Materfad
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Additional Information
  • Advanced booking required
  • Not suitable for children
  • Toilets on site, wheelchair accessible

Workshop information

Workshop A) Rethinking Human Hair

Delve into the rich history of hair’s artistic significance and confront the environmental challenges of our time. With 70% of Earth’s land irrevocably transformed, we face soil erosion, air pollution, water contamination, animal exploitation and health risks. As we grapple with these issues, we must also consider the waste we generate, especially the millions of kilograms of human hair discarded by hair salons worldwide. Can human hair hold the key to mitigating our waste problems and transforming our production systems into sustainable ones?

Join our workshop to discover the untapped potential of human hair as a material, explore its diverse applications and unleash your creativity by crafting your own unique interpretation of this remarkable resource.

Workshop B) BioMaterials to Wear?

Join us in an exciting workshop where we delve into the intersection of fashion, technology, and sustainability. This immersive session will shine a spotlight on two cutting-edge domains: biomaterials and additive manufacturing. Through insightful discussions, we’ll connect the dots between these technologies and the fashion industry, exploring the solutions that have emerged so far.

This workshop also offers a hands-on experience, allowing you to roll up your sleeves and create your own DIY biomaterials. By doing so, you’ll gain a unique perspective on the living, breathing essence of materials, cultivating an awareness of their need for care and attention.

Our ultimate goal? To empower creatives and designers with the tools and knowledge to drive sustainable and innovative solutions, leading to new, exciting creative expressions. By working with DIY biomaterials, we awaken a profound sense of responsibility, underscoring the potential for humans and nature to collaborate, offering a promising route out of the predicament of unsustainable materials.

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