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Connected Emotions

13.11.2023 to 16.11.2023
10:00 am
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‘Connected Emotions’ brings together art, design and science, to create a textile installation and explore connections between emotions and different types of design. Visitors will have the opportunity not just to view but interact and contribute to this installation, and thus explore their very own emotional connections with design.

Artist and designer Jill Phillips has worked in collaboration with Dr Tim Foster of the Psychology Department, Queen’s University, Belfast. Together they have discovered possible relationships and relationships’ patterns between emotional words such as happy, sad and disgust, and design characteristics including shape and depth. In this exhibition they will explore further these possible relationships, inviting visitors to take emotional words and place them in different pocket designs on a textile sculpture made of linen. Other linen pockets and sleeves with the outcomes of previous studies will be hung. Combined together they will create a unique installation clearly displaying what before had been unconscious and unknown relationships between emotions and design.

Jill Phillips looks forward to welcoming visitors of all ages to this unique exhibition and to them actively participating in this ‘art, design, and science’ experiment.

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Additional Information
  • Jill Phillips onsite between 12pm – 2pm each day
  • No advanced booking required
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Wheelchair access available
  • Learn more at

Please check back soon for booking details and updates.

Inclusivity by its very nature challenges norms and boundaries. It also asks us to broaden our minds and adapt to the unusual. Considering the crises we are facing in the next few decades, that is a skill set we are going to need more than ever.

Tom Watts

DCCI Head of Design | Programme Director

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