What is Get Ireland Making all about?
Get Ireland Making is a new series of online workshops and activities involving Ireland’s designers, makers and the public. This new programme is supported by Creative Ireland and Healthy Ireland and is part of a Government-led inter-agency initiative. The programme aims to engage the public and the design and craft community in activities designed to support well-being and build resilience during a very challenging time for our country. As we all practice social distancing, Get Ireland Making offers a unique opportunity to connect and unite through creativity and craft.

How do I apply to be involved as a maker?
We have a rolling weekly deadline for submissions during this period.  Please submit proposals via our application. If you have any questions, please get in touch: getirelandmaking@dcci.ie

Will I be paid for my content?

DCCI will pay the following rates for the generation of digital content by DCCI clients & members:

  • A maximum of €150 for content up to 30 minutes (edited from 60 -  90 minutes of footage).
  • A scaled rate for content of shorter duration.
  • €150 for 30 minute webinar sessions. These will be recorded.
  • In the event that a series is commissioned, the rate will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

All rates include prep time, DCCI will provide support training via webinar and editing as appropriate.

Please note that these rates apply for all commissioned content during this period.

How will my content be shared online?
The video tutorials will be broadcast on DCCI’s YouTube channel and will be shared through DCCI’s and Creative Ireland’s social media platforms:

Design & Crafts Council Ireland - @DCCIreland on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on LinkedIn.

Creative Ireland - @CreativeIrl on Facebook, Twitter, @creativeireland on Instagram.

Hashtags: #GetIrelandMaking #Stayathome #CreateDontContaminate #lockdown #covid19

Rte.ie/culture will also present selected footage.

Can I share the DCCI videos to my own social media/web platforms?
We are happy for you to share DCCI’s videos to your own followers and help us spread the word. Please remember to tag @DCCIreland and @CreativeIrl and include the hashtags #GetIrelandMaking #CreateAtHome #CreateDontContaminate #stayathome #lockdown #covid19 (where possible). Recipients must credit Design & Crafts Council Ireland on any promotional material associated with the project.

What kind of content are you looking for?
Get Ireland Making invites our clients and member organisations to develop digital content for a series of online activities, video interviews and live classes. Proposed digital content themes and lengths are below:

  • Craft Hacks suitable for children – These will be edited (by DCCI) to 1 minute in length aimed at social media (Note: Your recorded footage should be circa 6 minutes)
  • Children and Young People mini workshops – These will be edited (by DCCI)  to circa 5 minutes in length and shared online via web and media. (Note: Your recorded footage should be circa 20 - 30 minutes)
  • Children, Young People and Adult Workshops – These will be edited (by DCCI) to circa 20 -30 minutes in length (Note: Your recorded footage should be circa 60 -  90 minutes)
  • DCCI may invite applicants to host live demonstrations via Webinar. These should be circa 30 mins in length. Experience of delivering workshops is essential and all live sessions must be fully prepared in advance.
  • Proposals for longer series over a period of weeks are also invited.

What will happen to my content if accepted?
All content submitted will be professionally edited and branded with the #GetIrelandMaking visual identity. Full terms and conditions are on the application form here.

What is the best format to provide the content on?
Once a proposal is agreed we will forward a guidance document to outline the format, advice on angles and details required. Please check dcci.ie/webinars for relevant training: DCCI Webinar Registration or view DCCI's Webinar - Producing Effective Video with Phone for Web & Social Media.

Are there guidelines to creating effective and engaging video content?
A DCCI webinar for producing effective video with my phone is available here. DCCI is engaging the services of a professional media agency who will provide further detailed guidelines.

To ensure consist quality across Get Ireland Making videos, please keep in mind:

  • Shoot in landscape.
  • Natural light is best (recording in the morning is best for this)
  • Stabilise your phone
  • Frame your shots
  • Eliminate unwanted background noise, if possible
  • Make sure your speech is clear
  • A friendly but formal tone