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MITSELIY MÍCÉILIAM Interactive Visual Installation

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15.11.2023 to 17.11.2023
10:00 am

Guillaume Auvray’s Mitseliy Mícéiliam is an interactive audio visual installation merging Irish and Ukrainian Poetry with cutting-edge technology. The title draws from the words for Mycelium in both languages, symbolizing nature’s interconnectedness.

Visitors are enveloped in a sensory experience, their presence integral to the evolving artwork. Mycelium, a network of branching hyphae, serves as the installation’s inspiration—a silent architect in nature, now a sustainable material.

Part of the “Is folklore the future?” festival, Mitseliy Mícéiliam embodies circularity, sustainability, and inclusivity in design. Auvray’s fusion of Opera Composition, Conducting, and Machine Learning expertise shapes an immersive narrative. The installation prompts reflection on humanity’s place in the natural world, underscoring our symbiotic relationship. MitseliyMícéiliam is a testament to the profound connections uniting art, technology, and the natural world.

Additional Information
  • Installation will be in MART Gallery 2
  • Suitable for all audiences
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