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Meet Rudolf Wortmann

Posted 02.07.2024
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Rudolf moved from the Netherlands to Ireland in 1995. Over the years, he has settled in and developed a growing interested in creating furniture from locally sourced materials. Having always enjoyed nature and woodworking, in 2022 he decided to setup his own workshop.

“Working with wood relaxes me, it’s inspiring. As is the surrounding area I live in.

One of the moments he looks forward to is selecting timber, looking at different types of wood, trees and characteristics. He enjoys watching the colours come to life when treated with different oils, wax or varnish.

I would start with cleaning if needed. I would then have a look at the projects that are on hand. Look over what still needs to be done. Then start working on my projects.

Just start with your ideas. These are the most import ones. Then have a look at the market. Are they ready for you and your ideas?

Rudolf Wortmann


The ideas that are in my head transferred into a piece of furniture. the finishing part and assembly are as fun and important as the cutting and sanding.

Cleaning can be a bit of a chore, but I realise that without a clean place to work in my projects can suffer.

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