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Meet Siobhán McKenna

Posted 29.05.2024
Meet our Members

Siobhán McKenna Studio creates designs that capture Ireland’s energy, beauty and story on luxurious and sustainable fabrics.

Drawing on her career as a fashion designer for large multinational retailers, in 2020, Siobhán merged her crafts – design and storytelling. This became Siobhán McKenna Studio. Each piece is designed to make a connection, for the person who wears one of Siobhán’s pieces to feel at home – wherever they are.

I like to get the yuk out of the way first. That is emails and paperwork. I feel if I give the first part of my day to things I don’t enjoy, I can move on to the yum, which is the creative process and translating my ideas to a finished product.

This involves working with suppliers that align with my brand, it also means evolving my digital skills. Having said that, I always have a pen and hardback notebook to hand for ideas. For me the digital world doesn’t work without the physical act of drawing and writing. Then there’s the mundane side of sales, invoicing, looking at new avenues to expand. The day usually whizzes by so I take that as a good sign.

Seek work within a successful design team. Watch, learn, contribute - hone your craft. If you want to fly solo, do a business plan - boring but vital. Reach out to your network - people want you to succeed. Be ready for setbacks - they will come - many overnight successes have been years in the making. Most of all, enjoy the process and remember why you chose this career in the first place.

Siobhán McKenna

Siobhán McKenna Studio

Ireland’s landscape, seascape, myth, energy and colour. I love mixing all these elements, physical, etherial, imagination with a huge dollop of colour.

An Italian walnut grandfather clock my father gifted me not long before his untimely death. The craftsmanship is exquisite.

What’s your favourite time of the day?


Early morning when the birds are singing and the devices haven’t started buzzing.

How do you switch off?

Very easily! I hike every day – it gives me headspace. I love cooking but never follow a recipe. As my work is solitary, I love meeting friends, where we solve the world’s problems over pizza and wine.

How do you start your day?

A silent ‘Thank you’ with a deep breath and some moments of awareness for a new day. I kiss and say I love you to my partner and/or my dog – whoever I reach out to first (usually my dog). Then it’s coffee.

Favourite author /​ book?

John Banville.
My Go-To book, is The Seven Spiritual Laws, by Deepak Chopra. Classic Wisdom.
I should mention, I’ve written three published novels. For a time, I brushed my designer hat aside and tried on my author hat. My first book, The Lingerie Designer will always have a special place in my heart and the journey it took me on.
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