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Discover Made Local this summer in Ireland

Posted 11.06.2024
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Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) launched its annual Made Local campaign for Summer 2024 at the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) on Tuesday 11th June.

This year, as well as reminding consumers of the wealth of Irish-made products available, DCCI is issuing a call to action encouraging retailers to join the Made Local initiative.

Made Local is vital to the craft sector in Ireland, it is crucial that we support our local craftspeople and small business owners and it’s a key factor to the success of our economy.

Peter Hynes

Chair of DCCI Board

Call to retailers to get involved

DCCI is issuing a call to action encouraging retailers to join the Made Local initiative. Currently, 361 retailers across the country are supporting the Irish design and craft industry by stocking locally made products.

The focus of the campaign, especially during the peak summer tourist season, is to improve increase accessibility to experience Irish craft first-hand.

Join Made Local as a retailer

Join now as retailer

Purchasing Irish made craft items not only helps local crafts people and makers, but it produces creates a personal, long lasting and meaningful gift to those who receive them and lasting connection with the piece, or the place, or the person who might receive them as a gift. Buying Irish made craft items will contribute to the success of those participating in the Made Local campaign.

Suzy o'Keefe

Head of Digital and Communications, Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Impact of Made Local 2023



1,355 DCCI designers and makers and 350 retailers took part in Made Local last year.

A recent survey looked at the purchasing habits of Irish consumers in relation to Made Local and Irish craft and design. One quarter of those who took part in the survey considered it ‘very important’ to buy Irish when buying a craft item or gift. Supporting local makers and small businesses is key to economic growth in the craft sector. Of those surveyed, 2 in 5 (43%) have purchased an Irish made craft item in the past year

Hear from Simon O’Connor, Director of MoLI one of our Made Local Retailers



“Here at MoLI, we are very proud to be a retail member of the Made Local initiative and we’re honoured to have so many talented makers stocked here in our gift store. Made Local aligns with our mission to support the design and craft industry by showcasing the rich cultural heritage and local craftsmanship of designers and makers in Ireland.”

Find out more about the Made Local campaign and how you can get involved

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