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Costume Narratives

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5:30 pm

Traditional textile crafts and costumes are a basic form and element of our traditional culture and heritage. In recent years, lace-making skills and traditions have been recognised as a part of Ireland’s intangible cultural heritage.

This event aims to develop an awareness of the use of traditional craft in costume and design, to ensure the continuing transfer of textile craft skills and knowledge and to promote modern, innovative, and sustainable responses in an educational and design context.

The event will showcase the stories of a selection of people about traditional costumes and artefacts of intrinsic value. This event brings together stories of traditional craft making and design and their significance in Irish costume design. It will include vox pops, a digital presentation, and a display of selected costumes and artefacts on loan from the storytellers.

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What's Happening On Day Three?

Inclusivity by its very nature challenges norms and boundaries. It also asks us to broaden our minds and adapt to the unusual. Considering the crises we are facing in the next few decades, that is a skill set we are going to need more than ever.

Tom Watts

DCCI Head of Design | Programme Director

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