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“Past, Present – Future, Perfect”

10.08.2024 to 28.10.2024
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National Design & Craft Gallery

Design & Craft Council Ireland are delighted to present an exhibition of work from Cork Craft & Design.

This exhibition, curated by Ava Hayes will explore the intersection of time, history and future possibilities in celebration of fifteen years of Cork Craft & Designs’ Cork Craft Month. The title suggests a reflection on how our past experiences shape our present reality and influence our aspirations for a better future.

The exhibition showcases the talent and dedication of local GANS members who have contributed to the vibrant craft community in Cork. From traditional techniques to modern innovations, the pieces on display will reflect the diversity and skill of the region’s makers. Each item tells a story – of the materials used, the process involved, and the artist’s vision.

“Past, Present – Future, Perfect” will showcase a diverse range of traditional and contemporary skillsets across various mediums and disciplines.

The traditional skillsets on display include intricate hand stitching, woodturning, pottery, and traditional weaving techniques and more. These time-honoured practices have been passed down through generations and continue to be celebrated for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. In contrast, the exhibition also features contemporary skillsets that push the boundaries of traditional techniques and materials. These include contemporary furniture design, silversmithing, laser cutting, and experimental sculpture. These contemporary makers are exploring new ways of creating and expressing themselves, often incorporating technology and unconventional materials into their work to amalgamate traditional and contemporary craft techniques.

Overall, this exhibition aims to highlight the rich diversity of skills and talents within our maker community, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation to create a dynamic and engaging showcase of creativity made locally.

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