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Tales of Glass

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6:30 pm

Tales of Glass celebrates the “tales of folks” and the folktales surrounding glassmaking in Tyrone. Hear from Gary and Ciara Currie – the founders of Tyrone Crafted Glass – who will share the history of Tyrone Crystal, their story of setting up a new glass design venture along with tales of myth and legend from the factory floor.

Discover the products and tours that master craftsmen are developing today and the creation of modern glass suites. Dive behind-the-scenes of the process of making Ireland’s largest crystal chandelier for The Merchant Hotel – designed by Marcus Notley and made in collaboration with Tyrone Crystal. It is currently on display in The Great Room in The Merchant Hotel, Belfast.

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Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) Design Week 2023 - The Tyrone Crafted Glass Experience - Open Studio Event

Inclusivity by its very nature challenges norms and boundaries. It also asks us to broaden our minds and adapt to the unusual. Considering the crises we are facing in the next few decades, that is a skill set we are going to need more than ever.

Tom Watts

DCCI Head of Design | Programme Director

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