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Stone Stories

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7:00 pm

Sligo-based artist, Bernie Colhoun has created a new series of limited edition relief and screen prints inspired by prehistoric Irish rock art that reflects on our ancestors’ ancient iconography.

Drawn to how information can be documented and stored within stone over millenia, this idea of an almost permanent preservation of tradition albeit mysterious led Colhoun to research the tombs and petroglyphs of the Brú na Bóinne Complex at Newgrange and Knowth.

Taking inspiration from these sites, she has created a collection of work that reimagines the mysterious symbology of the original mark markers, exploring how these symbols might relate to us now in our contemporary world.

An artist talk will be held on Thursday the 16th at 7pm. In this artist talk Colhoun will delve into the mysteries of the ancient Irish rock art that inspired her and the processes behind the creation of her limited-edition fine art prints that pay homage to this rich heritage. The talk promises a unique insight into Colhoun’s creative process, where she will discuss printmaking, her research and the journey to visit these timeless OPW sites.

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  • No advanced booking required
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Wheelchair access available
  • Open 10.00am-5.30pm Wednesday to Saturday

“Scattered across the landscape these stone anomalies have always struck me as an enigma, the markings acting as conduits to unknown narratives of our past.”

Bernie Colhoun

Visual Artist / Maker

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